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posted Oct 25, 2012 05:05:38 by EvangelistKristyeMoore-Worshipper
Matthew 5:43-48

The word of God is forever settled in Heaven and in my heart! I do not need any man to put a rubber stamp on the word, The Holy Ghost speaks to me individually, praise God, and I stay before him so that I may remain sensitive when he speaks to me. I thank God for his witnesses BUT with or without them, I BELIEVE GOD! And because I do so, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Because of Christ, I have been endued with POWER, now I could stand around flexing my muscles and poppin my collar but I choose to reach out and touch someone who is seeking life, via the winning walk, the way of Holiness.

To be a laymen and know God personally means more than a title in the hands of the blind and the unloving. It profits me nothing, zip, zilch, nada to love and reach out to the tender hearted and the kind, But to put your arms around the very ones who have defamed your character, the ones who have purposely plotted to destroy you! This is when you know the Love of God is operating at maximum intensity in your life! This is just me, BUT I have decided to live my life so God gets the glory, and the enemy is unable to find an opportunity to mock Christ because of my steps!
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