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"God (WILL) provide (IF) you (CAN) believe!

posted Oct 16, 2012 00:18:52 by EvangelistKristyeMoore-Worshipper
MARK 9:23
"God (WILL) provide (IF) you (CAN) believe!
How awesome is our God? He is (WILLING) and more than able, (IF) you walk upright before him, completely trust him, and obey his word, God (WILL), provide. Everything with God is contingent upon (YOUR FAITH), do you believe? When your body is physically attacked do you run and call the doctor, or race to the medicine cabinet? Or do you plant your feet and call on God? I am not saying that (ALL) doctors are worthless but I am saying Jesus Christ (IS) yet the great physician, and by his stripes we are and we were healed. You must believe God can heal, before you walk into any MD’S office.

I have heard many testimonies of how the doctor himself was amazed, perplexed even because he had done all he could naturally do, (BUT) faith in God did what no man on earth could do, and many times the MD himself got saved!

After all the discussions, and reasoning had gone forth and the final word was still (no) did you immediately text your attorney? Call your banker, ask your boss for an advance? Or did you slip into the nearest restroom and lift your hands and lift your heart to a God who (WILL) make a way, a God who (WILL) change the words of even a king and turn the hearts of your staunchest enemy!

May I testify Saints I am not just admonishing, I am currently walking in and out of some flames (but) God, who spoke to me, even in what seemed to be my darkest hour said daughter (IF) you (CAN) believe I always (WILL). All things are possible to him or her who believes.

Rebuke fear, trepidation and doubt! And practice to (specialize) in faith. (IF) you (CAN), he/God always (WILL).
An Unbreakable promise, from the word of the only living God!
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