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posted Oct 08, 2012 18:53:32 by EvangelistKristyeMoore-Worshipper
Proverbs 1:5-7

California is indeed beautiful and many long to live in “The Golden State." Surveys have shown that as of late in Good Old "Tinsel Town" all that glitters especially (GAS) may cost you all "The gold in them thar hills" it may sound comical but it is horrific and an awful shame!

The average for a gallon of regular was $4.69 in Los Angeles, $4.71 in San Diego and San Francisco, $4.55 in Sacramento and $4.90 in Santa Barbara, according to

The average price for a gallon of gas in the United States rose less than half a cent over the past two weeks, masking a decline in most regions and a sharp spike in California prices, according to a widely followed survey. Prices were down about 3 to 12 cents in most markets except the West.

Now if you are wondering (HOW) on earth does this have anything to do with God, listen closely my friends, because EVERYTHING has something to with God in the life of a believer. FAITH in GOD brings FAVOR, e.g. extra finance from unknown places, wisdom to purchase fuel efficient cars and wisdom about driving around/cruising, i.e. just to be seen, just to get into something.

SPEEDING uses more gas, pray about the spirit of procrastination and start leaving a bit earlier and drive a bit slower, fill up before your needle is on (E) studies show that if you fill up when you are near half you get better gas mileage, also using Premium Gas is better for the life of your car and enables it to us less gas in the long run, although it may (SEEM) to cost more at the pump keep driving and you will see the wisdom called (INVESTING) now for later.

For the sake of wisdom remember MAINTENANCE is more than just putting water in your car occasionally, find a reliable mechanic who is trustworthy, NOW this will require the leading of God for real (:

Stay prayerful and listen to that still small voice, God could be directing some folks to relocate or to trade in that Hummer for something you have the FAITH to believe for! Come on now going to Church does not mean your FAITH is on the mountaintop. And for those of you who may be in between cars or may never have owned one, the same rules apply!

FAITH parks it in the garage and wisdom keeps it there! FUEL WISDOM 101 no matter where you currently reside! ♥

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avatar said Oct 08, 2012 19:37:32
Yes. For every action there's certainly a reaction. The universal scales must maintain a balance throughout. There can be no aberrations at any time to tip the scales. The Pendulum too must swing with equal force. So, too, must there be an balance with the actions witnessed here on the mundane level. As the saying goes, "As above, So below." As it is in heaven, so will it be on earth.

Evangelist, I truly enjoyed reading your article. The analogies were definitely on the mark. Thank you for the post. I hope you will encourage your friends to follow as well.

Btw, you can post on, which will allow you to share your articles on FB.

Your brother,

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