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Weight Training

posted Dec 02, 2011 20:53:37 by JamesH.Gardiner

>In the first instance, weight training is a good way to burn off the fat content you've been trying to rid yourself of with so many other methods.
>It also appears to stimulate the age cells by keeping them functioning, which, in turn, seems to keep you looking much younger than you are.
>However, there are three things you need to remember and always put into practice. They are:


When these functions are operating harmoniously your workout become more effective. The results you desire will manifest themselves without much effort. Yes, you will hurt for a time, but it gets easier as time goes on.

Ladies you don't have to worry about growing a lot of muscle because your body doesn't possess the muscularity that men have. The most that can happen is the area you are working begins to swell a little, but it will go down. You will develop a nice tone to your body. You will have to digest all types of supplements to artificially grow your muscles.

So, men & women don't be afraid of weight training. You will find that it is the beast thing you could have done for yourself.

My next writing will deal with the necessary proteins you will eventually need.
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